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In this amazing times, Svarta Läder is the brand behind a workshop of young designers and leathercrafters settled in North Spain, where the leatherworks are made with a contemporany sensibility.

Our respect for tradition and tanned quality joins the belief of design and produce novelty, beauty and durable leathergoods, because we know that a good leather bag will last a lifetime. The results of these concepts are unique, exclusive and hand stitched designs modernly embossed in the shape of our handbags, necklaces and accesories. Attractive concepts and a strong bond with nature which provides the best raw materials.

Spain is traditionally linked to high quality leathers production since centuries ago: we keep the animals healthy, the weather is perfect and the lambskin or calfskin are both a world wide reference. In Svarta Läder we work with tanned from small farms where they do not perform intensive livestock, keeping a balance between the leather quality and the exclusive production of our goods.

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